Our Story

Tradition. Experience. Values. People. Passion. This is RadiciGroup, whose key strength is the integration in the polyamide production chain, from polymers to synthetic fibres and artificial grass.

Telling the history of the RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions Business Area means retracing the steps and events of a traditional textile company that has evolved and transformed over the years into an internationally recognized industrial group, capable of creating its own opportunities, ready to respond to new challenges and meet the needs of an ever more competitive market.


The Group is a dynamic and multifaceted enterprise, whose adventure started in 1941, when Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA was founded. This small company located in Gandino (Bergamo) initially specialized in the production of blankets but evolved over the years to become what it is today: a leading European manufacturer of artificial grass yarn and nonwovens. The founders of this ancestral RadiciGroup company were Pietro Radici and his son Gianni. Later on during the 1950s, Gianni Radici would take the next step in the firm’s growth: horizontal diversification. In addition to blankets, he started manufacturing rugs, fabrics, fitted carpet and automotive carpet.


TPR - Anni 50
TPR - Le origini

The diversification process continued and led to the founding in 1964 of the first Group plant for synthetic fibre production: Radicifil SpA, located in Casnigo (Bergamo), which is now a major European manufacturer of high-quality textile yarn for the furnishings and automotive industries. In 1974, the Group set up Textile Produkte, now Radici Yarn SpA, a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of polyamide yarn, staple fibre and polymer.


TPR - anni '60

Tessiture Pietro Radici plant during '60s


In 1976, the Group opened Noyfil SA, the first production plant outside Italy, which today produces and sells a wide portfolio of polyester yarns. Polyester yarn would again take centre stage in 1986, when Noyfil SpA was created in Chignolo d’Isola (BG), and in 1989, when a second production site was added in the province of Sondrio through the acquisition of Vallesina SpA.


Logit Sro in Repubblica Ceca

Logit Sro - Czech republic


In the 1990s, RadiciGroup established the companies Radicifibras Ltda, Logit Sro and Cordonsed SA, located in Brazil, the Czech Republic and Argentina, respectively. The 1990s were also the years that saw the Group’s Tessiture Pietro Radici SpA enter the artificial grass yarn business. Then, in 2000, the Group acquired Fibrexnylon SA in Romania, which soon afterwards was renamed Yarnea Srl. Among the most significant events in the period that followed was the 2011 acquisition of Dorix GmbH (formerly Selbitzer Chemiefaser GmbH), a historic German company active in the production of staple fibre and now renamed Radici Chemiefaser GmbH.



Radici Chemiefaser GmbH


Through the years RadiciGroup has accumulated world-class expertise in the synthetic fibres and nonwoven sectors. State-of-the-art production facilities, advanced manufacturing technology and total control of production processes allow the Group to manufacture the highest quality yarn products, endowed with properties that make them suited to uses in a variety of industries. RadiciGroup can always supply its customers with new high value-added products – yarn and nonwovens that meet the needs and requirements of ever more demanding users. Understanding customer needs, anticipating their requests and collaborating side-by-side in developing increasingly specialized products. These are the goals of RadiciGroup Advanced Textile Solutions.


TPR - Oggi

Tessiture Pietro Radici - Gandino