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Looking ahead to enhance the business, ensure continuity, and be inclusive to all stakeholders, worldwide. This is how RadiciGroup works every day, guided by its Code of Ethics and its distinctive values: putting people at the centre of every action, teamwork, respect for laws, responsibility, and transparency. 


It is a long-term commitment to truly sustainable social, economic, and environmental development, driven by innovation and research, essential for designing and advancing technologies, processes, and products.


In a continuously evolving context, RadiciGroup, thanks to its Management Systems, seeks excellence through synergy among Business Areas, continuous improvement, operational and communicative transparency, quality, performance, and product traceability along the Value Chain. 


Diligent compliance with regulations, especially regarding human rights, corruption prevention, health and safety, and environmental protection, is fundamental for every activity of the Group. To this end, RadiciGroup companies adopt  Management Systems, duly certified by recognized certification bodies and based on a set of well-defined procedures, understood at all organization levels, and maintains a transparent and collaborative relationship with the Authorities responsible for legal controls.


In order to ensure the quality of its products and services, the Group has numerous tools at its disposal that enable its companies to develop robust and reliable processes, meet Stakeholders' needs, and foster continual improvement.


RadiciGroup works to optimize environmental and energy performance through publicly declared goals, structured work plans, and accountable results, measuring the environmental footprint of the main products and services and applying, whenever  possible, ecodesign principles.


Health and safety are top priorities for RadiciGroup, which not only complies with regulatory standards, but also aims to increase prevention and control, actively involving Workers to minimize the risk of accidents and create an increasingly safe working environment. 


RadiciGroup promotes a culture of care for Workers in every aspect of professional life. Along with initiatives for dialogue and involvement, the Group supports inclusion with policies where uniqueness and diversity are considered as enriching elements.


The Group also invests in lifelong training to enhance the skills of Human Resources, aware of how individual contribution is fundamental for reaching overall excellence.


Finally, digitalization represents a key element to support governance, foster synergies, optimize resources, and strengthen management systems, enhancing their solidity and resilience.


April 2024


Angelo Radici, President

Maurizio Radici, Vice President