RadiciGroup believes that being actively present in wide-ranging international projects is key.

Knowledge and command of the market, partnerships with high-profile companies and individuals who can offer a high level of expertise, collaboration with global organisations. These are the elements that guarantee added value to the projects that RadiciGroup participates in, all of which are focussed on strategic and workable innovation.


PinfaPinfa - Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association

Pinfa and is a Sector Group within Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council. Pinfa represents the manufacturers and users of non-halogenated phosphorus, inorganic and nitrogen flame retardants (PIN FRs). The members of Pinfa share the common vision of continuously improving the environmental and health profile of their flame retardant products. Therefore, Pinfa members seek to dialogue with the users of PIN FRs in order to identify their needs and technologies they are looking for. 

Circular FashionMake Fashion Circular

Clothes are a daily necessity and, for many, an important way of expressing oneself. However, the way they are made and used leads to a large amount of environmental waste. Make Fashion Circular encourages industry leaders to collaborate with other involved parties to create a circular economy in the world of textiles. The aim is to create clothes with safe and renewable materials, to make them last longer and promote principles of re-use and recycle. 

Ocean Clean Sweap

Operation Clean Sweep®

Operation Clean Sweep® is a campaign that aims to improve the processing of plastic resin by applying good practices for the handling and management of chips, with the hope of eliminating their dispersion, protecting the environment and saving precious resources.


ICESPICESP – Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee have promoted the launch of the ECESP (European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform). The main goals of the platform are: to promote the spread of knowledge at a national level, foster dialogue and possible synergies between the Italian members of the initiatives, map and publicise Italy’s good practices and excellences on the subject of the circular economy.