RadiciGroup's diversified businesses operate worldwide and are focused on Specialty Chemicals, Performance Plastics, Synthetic Fibres and Nonwovens.
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July 2019
Ready for January 2025
LAMPO – The implementation of a circular economy cycle is the target of new EU directive 2018/851 of European Parliament that rules recycling instead waste to energy also for textiles starting from January 1st 2025. Lampo and RadiciGroup has cooperated in developing a zipper in response to these guidelines. A textile garment is made of fabrics, and accessories, too; so it has to be designed as a “mono-material”, thinking of the end of its lifecycle.
February 2018
Engineering polymers for e-mobility
PLAST DESIGN – AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL DESIGN - The recovery of the automotive market and the tangible spreading of electric propulsion drive the demand and search for top-performing plastic materials, lightweight and safe even at ‘high voltage’.
April 2017
RadiciGroup is the new sponsor of the Brazilian Men's Rafting Team
GRUPORADAR - With actions focused at promoting sports and preserving the environment, RadiciGroup Performance Plastics - considered Brazil’s second polyamide industry and one of the world's leading manufacturers of engineering plastics - is the new sponsor of the Brazilian Men's Rafting Team.
April 2017
Italian study measures jacket's environmental footprint
ECOTEXTILE - The environmental magazine for the global textile supply chain. Europe's only vertically integrated textile mill has announced the results of a pioneering initiative to measure the produci environmental footprint (PEF) of a 100 per cent 'Made in Italy' jacket.
August 2016
EN Air Brake Pipes and Tank Breather Hose Made of Bio-Based Polyamide 6.10
KUNSTSTOFFE - Excellent performance properties combined with low environmental impact were the main requirements made on new polyamide 6.10 grades developed for usage in media resistant pipe system in the automotive industry. Current application examples are pneumatic brake lines for trucks and, developed by Fiat Chrysler Automobile, tank breather hoses for passenger vehicles.
May 2016
Better ‘oriented’ projects
PLAST MAGAZINE - An innovative structural calculation approach optimizes the advanced performances of engineering polymers and the weight-reduction possibilities in products.
October 2015
Polyamide omnia vincit
PLAST MAGAZINE - RadiciGroup that attended Plast 2015 (May 5th-9th, Rho Fiera Milan) has developed further proposals in view of Fakuma, the Friedrichschafen trade fair dedicated to processing of plastic materials that will be held October 13th-17th 2015. The corporate philosophy has chosen innovation and sustainability as guidelines: it is hard at present to imagine one without the other.
May 2015
Innovation and sustainability
PLAST MAGAZINE - The operative strategy of RadiciGroup moves along two guidelines that in some points intersect: innovation and sustainability.