Sustainable spunbond obtained from recycled Polypropilene

Respunsible® is a sustainable spunbond, obtained from recycled Polypropilene, a highly valued material because of its excellent chemical properties and versatility.

Respunsible®. Spun for life

Through recovery and recycling, production scrap is converted into polymer and then into spunbond, eliminating the need for raw materials. In addition, Respunsible® offers high technical performances for any application, even the more demanding in terms of resistance and durability.  


From scrap to new spunbond



Respunsible® applications

Respunsible® is the ideal solution for all those sectors where creativity and high performance are required.  It has countless applications in:

Roofing and Building membranes
Automotive Agricolture Filtration
Furniture Ho.Re.Ca Hygiene and Medical  


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