Low environmental impact and high performance engineering polymers that use mainly selected and traceable raw materials based on post- industrial and post-consumer PA 6 and PA 6.6.

New sustainability-oriented engineering polymers, from post-industrial and post-consumer sources, targeted at meeting the growing needs of the market that requires products with a low and measurable environmental impact without compromising on quality, reliability, traceability, safety.


Post-industrial material

Material diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process.


Post-consumer material

Material generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities as end-users of the product which can no longer be used for their intended purpose.


Renycle® is a range of special engineering polymers that have much lower environmental impact, based on LCA indicator data currently available for each grade. Consequently, this new brand answers the growing demand for more sustainable products.


Renycle® products’ key benefits:


  • As they are more sustainable than their virgin equivalents, they fuel the transition towards climate neutrality and low-carbon footprint business models.
  • They allow for waste reduction, minimizing the amount of products sent to landfills or dispersed in the environment, and promote a culture of reuse and recycling.
  • They meet the needs of end-customers who are committed to make environmentally conscious choices and support the development of a green-oriented product offering.
  • They offer a solution consistent with the legislative context, which is increasingly focused on the recovery of discarded materials (so-called EOL materials).
  • Being recyclable over and over again, Renycle® is a tangible circular choice.


The Renycle® range is in continuous evolution and gradually expanding with products containing a variable percentage (from 10 to 100%) of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polyamide. New formulations will be implemented taking into account customer needs with regard to both technical (mechanical, chemical, prolonged high-temperature exposure, etc.) and environmental (LCA) performance.


Renycle grades and markets


Renycle - Grades and markets



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